1.    What are cookies?

The CaixaBank, S.A. website: www.caixabank.pl, uses cookies and other files with a similar function (hereinafter, 'cookies').

Cookies are devices that make it possible to store and recover information on the user's device when they are browsing a website, in order to, among other things, recognize them as users, enable a feature, and learn about their browsing habits. The specific ways we use cookies are defined in Purpose of cookies and third-party cookies/configuration and rejection of cookies.

On this website, we use session cookies and persistent cookies, which, in turn, can be first-party or third-party cookies.

  • Session cookies are designed to gather and store data while users browse a website. They are usually used to store information that is only kept for providing the service requested by the user on one single occasion.
  • Persistent cookies are a type of cookie where the data remain stored in the terminal and can be accessed and processed during a defined period of time by the party responsible for the cookie, with said time period ranging from a few minutes to several years.

2.    Purpose of cookies and third-party cookies/configuration and rejection of cookies

This website uses strictly necessary technical cookies which allow its functioning and the provision of services offered therein (for example, for user authentication and identification, or for security purposes). These technical cookies are essential to the operation of the website and the essential services that are part of it, are not subject to your consent and cannot be refused.

We also use third-party and first-party cookies for the purposes indicated below. If you do not accept certain cookies, your experience on our website will be limited with regard to the functions detailed in this section, but we want you to be in control, so that you can decide at any moment.

FIRST-PARTY COOKIES: Those with respect to which CaixaBank, S.A. is responsible for the information in question. We use the following types of first-party cookies on this website:


they allow users to browse in the website and use the different options or services existing in these to, for example, control traffic and communication, identify the session, access restricted access sections and use security elements during browsing.

they collect information on user browsing behaviour (most visited pages, time spent on the website, etc.) so that, based on the analysis of this information, improvements can be made to the content and services offered (for example, to optimise response times in the most visited spaces of CaixaBankNow).

    THIRD-PARTY COOKIES: Those with respect to which third parties external to CaixaBank, S.A. are responsible for the information in question. The third parties and the purposes for which the information they process is used are set out below:

    They allow for certain features of the website to be customised, in order to differentiate the experience of one user from that of others (e.g. set the browsing language, remember the last searches made in the search engine, etc.).

      They collect information on user browsing behaviour (most visited pages, time spent on the website, etc.) in order to, based on the analysis of this information, introduce improvements in the content and services offered (e.g. improve loading times and access to the most visited pages).

        They store information about user behaviour, obtained by observing their browsing habits (e.g. which pages they visit), to develop a specific profile that allows them to be shown personalised advertising based on their tastes and interests.

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          You can accept/reject all cookies by clicking these buttons:

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          3.    Disabling or deleting cookies.

          Most browsers allow you to manage your preferences on the use of cookies at any time. You can adjust your browser settings to block or clear certain cookies, according to your preferences.

          To configure cookies, you can consult the instructions offered by different browsers using the following links:

          You can also withdraw your consent to cookies on your browser by installing a plug-in or through the opt-out system provided by some third-parties that install cookies on our website:

          Please note that some content on the website www.caixabank.pl only available if cookies are enabled on your browser. If you decide to not accept, or block certain cookies, depending on their purpose, this could affect, totally or partially, the normal operation of the website or could prevent access to some of its services, as certain cookies, as specified in "Purpose of cookies and third-party cookies/configuration and blocking of cookies", are used for these purposes.

          4.    Information on data processing

          For information on how your personal data is processed in the context of the website, please access the Privacy Policy.

          5.    Cookie Policy review

          We will perform an annual review of our Cookie Policy, unless regulations or other requirements make it necessary to adapt the policy at a different interval. Therefore, users are advised to consult the contents regularly.

          Users will be informed of any significant changes made to this Cookie Policy through a notice posted on the website.