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  • Medium and long-term funding solutions for your company's investments and/or projects.

    • Structured financing

    • Fixed-rate or variable-rate loans

    • Schuldschein

  • Guarantees with the aim of covering your company's obligations.

    • Technical Letters of Credit

    • Economic and financial guarantees.

    • Customs guarantees

  • Financing instruments to cover short-term liquidity needs.

    • Revolving Credit Facilities

    • Committed Revolving Credit Facilities

    • Uncommitted Revolving Credit Facilities

  • Advance charge for sales on credit

    • Non-recourse Factoring

  • Management of supplier payments

    • Reverse Factoring

  • Others.

    • Participation in risk purchase programmes

Trade Finance

At CaixaBank, we offer different medium and long-term management and financing solutions for your foreign transactions.

Import Letter of Credit

A secure and efficient way to pay for purchases from foreign suppliers.

This service guarantees that your bank (CaixaBank) will pay the supplier as long as certain conditions are met regarding the documentation that the supplier sends to CaixaBank, relating to the goods, their delivery, transport, etc., conditions that you as the buyer have previously agreed.

Export Letter of Credit

We insure your operations abroad through a secure and agile means of collection. We offer a bank guarantee of collection, coverage of all your risks and the possibility of advance payment of the credit amount.

Trade Finance financing

At CaixaBank we offer you different medium and long-term financing solutions for your foreign trade operations.



  • Export documentary remittances
  • Non-recourse discounting of export letters of credit
  • UPAS (Usance Payable At Sight)

Collection and payment services 


With SEPA transfers, you can make payments in euros, with no limit on the amount, between customer bank accounts in the SEPA area, in a fully electronic and automated way.

Your company will be able to make collections and payments through this service, with customers and suppliers that are within a single area that covers 36 countries: the members of the European Economic Area (made up of the twenty-seven states of the European Union plus Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway) and Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the Vatican.

In addition, you can make ordinary and urgent domestic transfers, international transfers in most currencies, as well as direct debits through SEPA.

Management of daily collections and payments
Massive Payments

Massive Payments

Make payroll payments or payments to suppliers in bulk through CaixaBankNow in the most convenient way, at any time and from anywhere. With the Online Assistant we help you create files quickly by importing an Excel file or including individual payments.

You will also have access to the Cash Concentration Service and the Request for Transfer Service (SWIFT MT101).

Transactions Report in SWIFT format

This allows you to obtain your account balance in an internationally standardized format.

You can view statements in SWIFT format (MT940/942), manage your file payments and access the international digital banking portal online.


  • Current Accounts

Demand deposits for your company's normal processes, collections and payments, etc.

  • Term deposits

Through term deposits, the features of which are adapted to your transactions and business.

  • Currency - SPOT (one to one transactions) and Exchange differences (table)